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Have fun! Use a location, wardrobe, and photographer you’re comfortable with to help capture the most natural, relaxed shot.



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 My Pittsburgh photography studio David Barker Photography was formerly Kaufmann’s Custom Framing.  My daughter Jen Worley now is running my studio under the new name Jen Barker Worley Photography.  

Go Pro. Use a professional photographer! Our Pittsburgh photographers will make sure to get you the best high-resolution photos to use for online platforms or printed copies.

– David Barker

Getting Ready for Your Shoot.

Have you ever tried to take a selfie for your profile photo (ah!)?   Well if you have you could be selling your brand short.  A Professional photographer will help you be relaxed, comfortable, and confident during your photoshoot. We thought it might also help to give you guys some tips for photography lighting, business tips, and how to get that great expression out of your clients.

 Show Yourself. Show your personality in your wardrobe! Rather than just wearing a black or white top, try something with a pop of color! Don’t use an old photo. Remember your headshot should accurately represent what you’d look like to meet in person. Don’t wear distracting clothing. Keep your professional headshots clean and simple. NO LOGOS! Keep your makeup and jewelry natural (particularly for women). Again, keep it simple.



  1. Keep it Real. Keep your business profile photos updated with your  current reality. They can generally be used on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or your company website. Oftentimes the people seeing them are current or potential clients. Just as they would expect an accurate resume, they are expecting an accurate photo. It should resemble what you would look like if and when they meet with you in person. For example, if you’ve lost weight, or changed hair color, your picture should mirror that. Generally, we say that if there are now drastic changes, to still update every two years.


  2. Be Prepared. Let your company photographer know what you want to use as a backdrop BEFORE your session. That way they can be prepared and you can be sure it matches with your vision (and your wardrobe)


My Journal

I have a life time of photography knowledge to share with you.  

Loosen Up!  You want your phots to come out professional, but natural. Being too stiff can be a turn-off for potential clients as its harder to feel a connection.

Trust Us. Listen to your photographer. We are our own worst enemy right?  Professiopnal photographers know what they’re doing and they’re here to get you at your best. Let them help guide you to the perfect shot.

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Take Your Time. Take full advantage of your shooting time! Take shots with a left profile, right profile, and straight on. You never know what you’ll like the best so might as well try them all. Take as many shots as possible! It’s way easier to narrow down from a large gallery than it is to schedule a reshoot.

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