To become a great landscape photographer requires a good work ethic.  The best shots are never mid day.  So lazy photographers need not apply, because the best shots usually found early in the morning and later into the evening.  Harsh light equals a bad photo

Landscape Photography tips

  1.  Early to rise wins the prize.  If you are not a morning person, then landscape and cityscape photography could be hard for you. Personally,  I love the quietness in the morning just waiting for the perfect shot.  Being around nature and even if I am in the city, I love the life of Pittsburgh in the early morning.   I love losing an afternoon just wandering downtown Pittsburgh scoping out the perfect location to come back to the next morning.  It takes work to get a prize win photo but its worth the journey.
  2. Know your light.  If you have even taking landscape photography photos, you know that in the evening you only have so much time.  With every shot it’s only getting darker out.   But as you watch the light on your subject you can really gain knowledge about how light can change the mood and feeling of a photo.  In the early morning as the light gets brighter and brighter the mood of you photo can drastically change.  It can take time and repeated effort to get the timing down perfect to create your career making photos.
  3. Depth of field.  While at times you might want to have a blurred background for artist purposes for most landscape photography you really need a sharp focus. How can you do that?  Having a good lens is very important.  But aside from your gear your camera settings are the most important.  We will talk about Depth of field in another post.

  4. They look like such strong hands.  As strong as they my be a good tripod is very important to getting a good shot, especially in low light.  I love the new lightweight carbon fiber tripods.


Photoshop and Landscape Photography

Your perfect shot just might need some touching up.  Maybe you have a few things that are distracting the viewers focus.  I believe in very little photoshop,  but if you have an amazing photo and one piece of trash is in the shot, I am going to remove it. 

However using photoshop to change the reality of the photo is your artistic choice.  Have fun with it.  See what works for you and your art.