The dreaded UNCLE BOB!

Wedding photography can be tricky. As a photographer I have worked a-lot of weddings over the years. But one challenge photographers have to deal with is getting harder every wedding. The dreaded UNCLE BOB!

Who is Uncle Bob you say? Hopefully that doesn’t mean you are the Uncle Bob or worse the Aunt Nancy at the wedding. Uncle Bob has an Iphone and worse Aunt Nancy has a Canon Rebel or some other cheep camera. They just cant miss their chance to get in your way as the professional photographer. You can try a few hockey checks or you best hip swing to push them out of the way but they are getting worse and more aggressive. I blame instagram but if you miss the KISS because of Uncle Bob it could ruin your shoot.

What can you do? Other than wearing a AK47 strapped to your gear, just to let everyone know your in business, there really isn’t much you can do. I am not recommending fire arms, it was just a joke. But it is important that with all of the stress from the wedding and the added stress of rude guests you don’t get pushed past your limit and then you say or do something that could negatively impact your business.

Here is an Example: the entire wedding party is looking at your camera, but the bride is looking off to the side into Uncle Bob’s cell phone. That is not going to be the amazing photo your clients wants to treasure.

When your in this situation, always remember the more you talk about this issues ahead of time the more likely at least the wedding party will be in line. They paid for amazing photos from a pro photographer not Uncle Bob’s cell phone. The big camera gets top priority. Maybe you should just use a crazy big studio video camera to get their attention. Again I joke.

We reached out to a Pittsburgh photographer Jen Worley and she said ” It’s your big and and you are already stressed. But the stress on the wedding photographer can be high at times. So for the best results remember your photographer is working hard for you.”